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Ihobe International is in the development phase for establishing an environmental team within the company. We have hired a recent graduate with a MSc in Environmental and Water Science, and he currently leads the environmental team within the company. We are beginning to form collaborations between Ihobe and relevant parties and through this approach we are accessing the latest and emerging technology for environmental solutions. There are platforms of hubs of knowledge where the latest and the most recent ground-breaking technologies are being utilised in research in environmental aspects. Ihobe believes that the use of scientists with the relevant experience can contribute in a more efficient approach. Although techniques and approaches have been shown to be effective through time, our core believe is that there is always improvement. Our long-term vision is to develop a platform which addresses environmental problems and associates these problems with suitable solutions. 

The use of traditional dust palliatives has been shown to negatively affect the environment through contamination of surface and groundwater systems, loss of biodiversity and significantly impacting social, economic and health and safety factors (as shown in the video). Profit Science Liquid was developed to restrict product migration on the haul road during rainfall-runoff processes. Contamination of surface and groundwater systems are often as a result of product migration from wash-out due to rainfall-runoff processes. Through Profit Science Liquid we are providing a means to reduce/mitigate potential environmental risks that are prevalent in traditionally used dust palliatives.

Common Environmental and Social Risks With Traditional  Dust Palliatives

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